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出席國家: 臺灣、印度、菲律賓、泰國、蒙古、馬來西亞
GLOBE Program Taiwan held GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival on 10-15 July 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan. This year, we invited teachers and students from all countries of Asia-Pacific region to share their GLOBE science investigations and projects in this event. With support of Dr. Desh Bandhu, Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator, 34 GLOBE participants from India, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand came to Taiwan and shared their GLOBE science investigations and projects in this event. Besides, there were 11 GLOBE Taiwan teachers and students participating in this exhibition and present their projects as well. Taiwan Coordinator Dr. Pay-Liam Lin paid serious attention on this event and invited GLOBE Director Dr. Tony Murphy to give us a video address in the opening ceremony to encourage GLOBE teachers and students.
Dr. Tony video address
GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival was also part of “MOST-A-Thon: HIGHSCOPE Rooting Locally.Connecting Globally.FORESEEING Future”, an annual exhibition of High Scope Program and FORESEEING Program. These two programs, funded by Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Participants in this exhibition were university professors and high school teachers who developed teaching modules and put their teaching plan into practice. Many teaching modules and products related to science, technology and engineering were demonstrated and displayed, such as the model of FORMOSAT-5 Satellite, Mobile Star Hall, wind power generation teaching module, etc. GLOBE Students poster presentation section was one of highlights in this exhibition. There were eleven GLOBE student projects from Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. GLOBE students from Philippines wanted to decrease waste plastic bottles; therefore, they crushed waste plastic bottles and put plastic debris into concrete brick in order to create building materials. Thailand students brought their efforts on exploring the relationship between weather and the quantities of mosquitos. Mongolia students presented how they observe clouds through Cloud Protocol in their countries. And GLOBE science projects of Taiwan students were associated atmosphere, hydrology, and land cover.
2017 AThon MOST Minister with Philippines

One of Taiwan student teams collected GLOBE data, analyzed the weather, and tried to compare with Taiwan proverbs. Except GLOBE teams, there were two teams of students, teachers and university professor from Malaysia as well. Teachers and students enjoyed GLOBE Asia-Pacific Science Festival a lot. They interacted with GLOBE students from other countries and also experienced STEM education in Taiwan. GLOBE Program Taiwan Office appreciated all the support from GLOBE Implementation Office and Asia-Pacific Regional Office.

GLOBE teachers 2017 GLOBE AP Science Festival