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Dr. Kaye with several students and teachers in Fudan High School. Photo: The GLOBE Taiwan
Dr. Jack Kaye, Associate Director for research of the Earth Science Division, NASA, visited National Central University (NCU), home of the GLOBE Taiwan Program on 8 March 2016. Dr. Pay-Liam Lin, Coordinator of Taiwan GLOBE program and staff hosted Dr. Kaye’s visit. Together they visited Dr. Jing-Yang Jou, President of NCU. Dr. Lin reported the progress and prospect of the Taiwan GLOBE program. Dr. Kaye pointed out the importance of learning and protecting the environment as well as the value of using GLOBE protocols in the student research. He stressed the unique opportunity that GLOBE provides to collaborate with students and scientists all over the world. President Jou introduced the recently academic and educational development in NCU. They had a good meeting to exchange ideas and experiences about promoting research and education.
After this meeting, the GLOBE Taiwan Staff arranged Dr. Kaye to visit Fudan high school, one of GLOBE Taiwan Schools, and they engaged with students in the classrooms and outdoors while they were taking their daily environmental measurements. Dr. Kaye encouraged our students to protect and maintain our environment, moreover, to improve our living surrounding even better. By doing GLOBE Program is a good way to collaborate with people all over the world and benefit our environment together.
Our students asked Dr. Kaye about the problems of ocean acidification and consequences of sea level rise. . He gave the answer that the ocean acidification may influence our marine life, like fishes and shrimps, etc. and what makes the sea level higher, and what will be influenced due to this phenomenon. Dr. Kaye also mentioned that the ocean ecology is a global issue. People should face it all together.
Students were also curious about Dr. Kaye’s career in NASA. He said he has been working for NASA since 1983. In order to realize more about our earth and improve our environment, he devoted himself to research and education of earth sciences in NASA. Our students were really impressed by his experience and felt inspired as well.
Besides, Dr. Kaye met Dr. Shyh-Jye Jou, Director of Department of International Cooperation & Science Education, Ministry of science and Technology (MOST), which supports the implementation of GLOBE Program in Taiwan. They shared the development of science education in Taiwan and exchange the ideas and experiences about international cooperation.
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A young student demonstrates how his school takes environmental measurements using GLOBE protocols. Photo: The GLOBE Taiwan
Jack in NCU 600x450
Visit to National Central University, home of the GLOBE Taiwan Partnership Office (left to right): Dr. Pay-Liam Lin, Taiwan Coordinator, GLOBE Program Taiwan; Dr. Jack Kaye; Dr. Jing-Yang Jou, President of National Central University. Photo: The GLOBE Taiwan